Compact Double Door Refrigerator ( Sunpentown RF-320S ) Review

Sunpentown RF-320S

As far as compact refrigerators go, I really didn’t expect very much. Based on my past experience, they are usually tiny, flimsy, ugly, and absolutely don’t make the most use of the small space inside. When I first saw the Sunpentown RF-320S, I fell in love with the look right away. However, I thought that a refrigerator this sleek and beautiful had to be out of my price range. When I saw the cost, I decided to give it a try, and I couldn’t be happier. This was one of the best purchases i have made to date. This compact refrigerator is beautiful, spacious, functional, and sturdy. It is sure to enhance any decor and bring a bit of a modern feel to your space, and is compact enough that you can have chilled storage almost anywhere.

The Sunpentown RF-320S absolutely gives you the best of both worlds. You get the functionality and cooling power of a standard refrigerator in a sleek, compact size. With a stainless finish and no handles, it really has the look of a much more expensive unit. I bought it for a bar area downstairs with minimal room for a fridge, and have been impressed ever since. The top is molded plastic, and is very useful as a makeshift countertop. We use it for a space to mix drinks, and have also used it to dry dishes. The black plastic is heavy duty and prevents spills. Add an absorbent dish drying mat and it’s sturdy and simple to clean.

The outside measures 20 2/3” x 18 2/3” x 33 2/3”, so it fits easily into tight spaces. Both inside compartments are also quite roomy, with the freezer measuring 7.5” H x 13.25” W x 15” deep, and the fridge with a height of 17.75” x 15.75” depth and 15.75” width. The door of the freezer has a sturdy shelf, and the rest of the freezer is wide open for plenty of storage. The fridge has a door with two shelves , one which will hold a large bottle of soda, and a soda can holder/dispenser. There is a roomy, clear produce bin at the bottom, and two shelves above it.

The Sunpentown RF-320S is adaptable to your specific needs. The shelves of the refrigerator’s interior are easily removable, and the front leveling legs will work with your space without that annoying rocking from being uneven. The doors can be hinged from either side, which is a feature seldom seen at this price point.

There is always a little concern when adding new appliances, hoping they will not drive up the electric bill, and I can tell you that the Sunpentown RF-320S barely makes a difference. According to its Energyguide rating, the estimated yearly operating cost is only $36. The low price point and low energy costs are yet another great feature.

All in all, the Sunpentown RF-320S is the best compact refrigerator that I have ever owned, or for that matter, ever seen. Its sleek, modern design, adds style as well as functionality to any room while being easy on the budget as well. I give this product a 5/5, and will likely be buying an additional one very soon.

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