Danby 4.4 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator



there is no need to drink a cup of coffee to stop watching TV, and run to the kitchen to open the refrigerator . Danby DAR440BL is a no manual adjustment With automatic temperature compensation function of the compact refrigerator. large capacity, Danby DAR440BL is very suitable for family use, When compact refrigerator in the external low temperature environment ,it’s also can open low temperature compensated automatically switch in order to work normally. Compared with other compact refrigerator, this kind of compact refrigerators’ satisfaction in more than 5 stars. In addition ,Danby DAR440BL doorknob, you can from the left and from the right to open the door. that’s so convenient.

2.Features and Specifications

Refrigerator of Danby DAR440BL done scratch-resistant treatment on surface,effectively avoid a variety of scratch. it’s hard to left on All kinds of ugly scratch.

Energy Star rated; it has ability of a mechanical thermostat and automatic defrosting system.

volume: Measures 20-3/4 inches ,wide by 21-1/2 inches ,deep by 33 inches high.

large capacity, Can put enough 4 ~ 6 individual family the required amount of drink and fruit.

Provide a worry-free 18-month warranty on parts and on-site maintenance services.


large capacity, and don’t need to defrost the small refrigerator on a regular basis.

There is no circulating fan so the bottom is cold and will freeze the keg and the top is warmer. The temp sensor is located on the top.

4.Our Review

Danby DAR440BL with automatic defrost automatic defrosting function, when the frost layer thickness to 5 mm inside the refrigerator. freezer refrigeration effect would fall by 20%, the frost layer is thick, refrigeration effect is poorer, so we must regularly defrost refrigerator. And have the function of the defrosting can decrease your a lot of trouble.
mechanical thermostat, keep a small refrigerator can run at a steady temperature, just let a person feel this feature is behind The Times, but very high reliability.

There is no problem that whatever you Want to eat apple, banana orange pear or want to drink Coca Cola. beer, milk, water or any other drinks. Danby DAR440BL meet up your mind. it has enough space, so that you can follow one’s inclinations to plug things, without worrying about the lack of space , When we using the compact refrigerator, insufficient space makes we have to constantly adjust the items placed order and seat, but Danby DAR440BL, you need not worry, at this point it can meet the requirements of demanding and picky you.
Danby DAR440BL doorknob, is to use reversible door hinge to implement integrated. That means, you can open the door on the left side, and from the right to open the door. Don’t have to worry about in put Danby DAR440BL, open the door would be stuck or not enough room, the door won’t open, and a series of annoying problem.
In the process of actual operation, Danby DAR440BL mute function also let us feel very satisfied, after all, the more goods, the bigger capacity and power you need. which is why the bigger equipment ,it’s harder to control the noise .But Danby DAR440BL no matter in the office, kitchen, living room and bedroom, Noise produced by the small let a person can’t feel its existence.

5.Final Thoughts

Usually much more family, children and adults need more, the compact refrigerator of capacity is too small so that can’t meet the needs of the home is normal, at This time you need the product to solve the problem, Drinks and fruit of high-capacity products can deposit a times more than the average compact refrigerator, and there is no noise, mechanical automatic temperature adjustment for the convenience of preservation of fresh fruit and drinks. In short, Danby DAR440BL is a very good to satisfy a large family of small refrigerator.

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