Haier HCR27B Compact Refrigerator 2.7 Cu. Ft.


Everyone knows that the One of the most popular refrigerator brands on the market is Haier. now a new style Haier HCR27B Compact Refrigerator 2.7 Cu. Ft. has fashionable and delicate appearance, it’s good for Saving energy and environment protection. is very suitable for individuals and the students’ dormitory to use.

There is adjustable thermostat helps you find the right temperature for your food When compact refrigerator in the external low temperature environment .but it needs to open low temperature compensated automatically switch in order to work normally. Compared with other brands of the refrigerator , Haier HCR27B Compact Refrigerator has very high cost performance . And the price also is close to civilian, total price is $115.40 included shipping fee $26.99.


this kind of antimicrobial preservation compact refrigerator both in appearance and practicality are very popular with customers in the market. It has the following features:

• Adjustable thermostat helps you find the right temperature for your food
• 2 full-width interior shelves offer versatile storage options
• 2 full-width door storage shelves
• Accommodates 2 liter and tall bottles
• Half-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray


No matter how the temperature changes, this compact refrigerator to within 120 voltage function properly . But you should be stop using it when the voltage is instability, so as to avoid the mechanical breakdown. please in accordance with the instructions operation.


Haier 2.7-cubic feet compact refrigerator is very suitable for students’ dormitory, pub and other locations. the compact refrigerator takes up the space is little and the refrigerator’s full-width and half-width door shelves offer extra storage space, and its 2-liter door storage shelves is great for coca cola, canned beer and other 2-liter items.

Temperature control type

By manually adjusting gear in the way of mechanical temperature control, the advantage is economic and practical low maintenance cost. The disadvantage is that if not accurate temperature control will lead to the difference in temperature in the cabinet.

Refrigerating Method

Using direct cold refrigeration way. using air natural convection cooling way, absorbed by the evaporator heat transfer through food or indoor heat from the air to make it cooling. this cooling method has the advantage of low power consumption, price is closed to people、 small noise and make the food slow moisture loss, good fresh-keeping effect .Of course is also likely to encounter slow cooling ,The refrigerator temperature is not uniform After cold storage tank and the freezer evaporator frosting easily, but defrosting is a little trouble.

The feature of compact refrigerator

Activated carbon deodorization technology
To prevent bacterial growth Effective adsorption of dust Peculiar smell to keep food fresh ,protect family health.
Double wide design
is not affected by the environment, to run freely in 170-240 voltage within the scope of normal operation ,No matter how the temperature changes in the refrigerator can run freely.
Automatic temperature compensation
Haier’s automatic temperature compensation technology can be according to the external temperature changes automatically adjust the refrigeration temperature ,Automatic compensation of low temperature avoid food spoilage in summer . The refrigerator automatically adapt to the changing season. save trouble and save electricity .
Removable PVC soft door gasket
100% antibacterial material, flexibility is strong and it’s not easy to aging deformation. detachable design it’s convenient cleaning change.

Consumer Reviews

Based on the majority of users’ comments, we found the compact refrigerator is worth buying.” I can put the compact refrigerator in bedroom so that I needn’t to go to sitting room in the winter” A housewife said.

Pros and Cons

For the compact refrigerators, the customers has some mixed reviews, however, most of them praise the machine’s features and its functionality.

Pros: Nice fridge – fits nicely under my desk at work and since its black, you barely notice it there. Plenty of room inside and the freezer works great. After reading reviews, I expected some noise but it is very quiet and only occasionally do I hear a slight hum. I haven’t been able to find the perfect temp setting yet – some of my fruits have frozen in the fridge section but overall a great fridge.——By CM

I’ve bought two of these now. One for my niece who was living with my Mom and wanted her own personal fridge space (if you knew my mother, you’d understand). She liked it, so I brought one to bring into the office. I manage a small department of three full-time and two part-time staff and it works well for us bringing in lunches and keeping a few drinks cold. On the small side for most uses and the tiny freezer can’t really do much, but we keep an ice cube tray in it.——by LisaMadison

Cons: Purchased a Haier refrigerator for a gift. I did not open it right away, unit will cool sometimes and then kick out…..no help from Haier and took it to the local repair shop and they said I was wasting my money. They had a number of the units come in with the same problem and did not have any luck with Haier getting parts or standing behind their product. Basically I have lost my money, but at least glad I did not give it as a gift. .——by Michael Jones

This refrigerator is just the right size, but it has a metal “freezer” compartment that you have to defrost regularly. Had I known the refrigerator had one of these, I would have purchased another model. However, I’m happy with the item, and as I have no need for a freezer (and don’t wish to defrost this one regularly), and I am looking into removing the compartment in order to maximize the space in the fridge.——by harperville

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