The Danby DAR195BL 1.8 Cu. Ft.


The Danby DAR195BL 1.8 Cu. Ft. compact refrigerator is one of the most popular styles on the market at present, this kind of compact refrigerator has fashion and delicate appearance 。Saving energy and environment protection. is very suitable for individuals and the hotel guest room to use。

it is a no manual adjustment With automatic temperature compensation function of the compact refrigerator。When compact refrigerator in the external low temperature environment ,it’s also can open low temperature compensated automatically switch in order to work normally. Compared with other compact refrigerator, this kind of compact refrigerators’ satisfaction in more than 5 stars. And the price also is close to civilian, under $200。


at present.,this type of antimicrobial preservation small refrigerator both in appearance and practicality are very popular with customers in the market. It has the following features:
• Half-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray
• Full-width slide-out wire shelf
• Full-width and half-width door storage shelf
• 2-liter bottle storage
• Recessed door handle
• Fashionable and exquisite
• Magnetic multilayer air door seal


this compact refrigerator to within 120 voltage function properly . No matter how the temperature changes, the compact refrigerator is able to function properly.But you have to stop to use it in the case of voltage instability, so as to avoid the mechanical breakdown. you should be in accordance with the instructions operation.


Ideal for dorm rooms, bar units and other locations that require compact refrigerator storage is the Danby 1.8-cubic feet. the black compact refrigerator take up the space is little and the refrigerator’s full-width and half-width door shelves offer extra storage space, and the door bottle storage is great for juice containers、beer bottles and other things.

Temperature control type

By manually adjusting gear in the way of mechanical temperature control, the advantage is economic and practical Low maintenance cost. the disadvantage is that if not accurate temperature control will lead to the difference in temperature in the cabinet.

Refrigerating Method

Using direct cold refrigeration way. using air natural convection cooling way, absorbed by the evaporator heat transfer through food or indoor heat from the air to make it cooling. this cooling method has the advantage of low power consumption, price is closed to people、 small noise and make the food slow moisture loss, good fresh-keeping effect .Of course is also likely to encounter slow cooling ,the refrigerator temperature is not uniformafter cold storage tank and the freezer evaporator frosting easily, defrosting becomes trouble.

The feature of this kind of compact refrigerator

After strict inspection of environmental antibacterial materials odor removal of the refrigerator to ensure the food flavor, Dandy refrigerator used at the bottom of the foaming technology Superfine foams was more even Density is more general heat preservation effect play acme. Super cold storage space Is no restriction on the up and down or so adjusted DIY belong to your private food pattern.u shell at the top or bottom and side panel bending The seamless Heat preservation effect is good Firmly lock the fresh air and it’s not easy to accumulate dust.
Embossed aluminum sheet with good thermal conductivity and is not easy to corrosion. aluminium sheet has an large evaporation area . fast refrigerating , it is not easy to frost, PVC elasticity door gasket,the flexibility is very good .the silicone rubber door, In cold and hot temperature changes will not deformation, also can be tear down, is convenient to clean.

Consumer Reviews

Based on the user rating is the most reliable compact household refrigerators.Have this compact refrigerator,we needn’t to worry about how to keep the milk fresh ,a girl mentioned that.
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Pros and Cons

For the small household refrigerators, the customers has some mixed reviews, however, most of them praise the machine’s features and its functionality.

Pros: To find a lot of styles like a refrigerator on the internet, eventually chose this compact refrigerator.the refrigeration effect is very good. refrigerating fruits drinks and cooked food can be stored for a week. it’s very convenient to use and fashionable appearance.The noise is small.Generally,the price of compat refrigerator is above $200, but the same function, this compact refrigerators’ price is less than $200, Is really great.

It’s a cute little thing. the factory setting has been chilling very nicely with yogurts and boxed beverages since then. Occasional delicate pops are the sounds it makes. The molded door fills up interior space when closed and is molded to hold to a one-liter container and some small bottled waters or cans. The freezer is right for keeping slices of bread fresh in ziploc bags. The thing is still very new, so how serviceable it proves and how best to use it remain to be experienced.

Very nice a compact refrigerator, capacity is enough to hold two people’s food and black colour is very beautiful . Absolutely small noise, like as a fan is a little voice, put it on the behind of bed completely does not affect sleep. compared with other brands of the same price of compact refrigerator, this one wins in the freezer fridge temperature is lower, and low noise when running.

Cons: I received this as a Father’s Day gift. As with most reviewers, the first problem noted was the internal temperature–isn’t cold enough; despite following manufacturer suggested product clearance and room temperature guidelines. Quick-fix was to cool separately in another appliance before transferring to product. It came with a container separate from unit which I deduced was to collect water from condensation but failed to locate its placement–3-page user guide didn’t help. After a month I noticed collection of water pooled in bottom of unit internally. I’ve recently experienced intermittent loud noises emitting from the internal fan unit. I thought it was due to constant fan activity and sprayed a little WD-40 on it–no help. I sought product user guide from manufacturer website but it provided me with one of another product. I finally attempted to remove internal unit cover to troubleshoot. Lo and behold, droplets of water started streaming down which thus far has stopped the annoying noise. I believe this product as a fridge and not as what it really is–a cooler. It’s a total disappointment.

The refrigerator works for what I need, its being used for aquarium fish food so i don’t care, but it came slightly dented on the door and also there were two feet missing and the screws that are sticking out the bottom scratched my wooden desk its setting on pretty badly beyond repair. its an ok fridge but the missing feet made me pretty irritated. it works though so i can’t complain. If you buy this, check the feet before setting it down on anything! on a side note it got cold pretty fast, took about 3 hours. Being at the 6 out of 7 level it seems to keep water bottles and my fish food right at the right temperature.

This compact refrigerator is small and exquisite, very suitable for personal use, the only shortcoming is fever in around when running. Refrigeration is slowly, but put 12 hours can give cans refrigeration to very cold, but plastic bottle is little slowly. also i find that there are many dewes internal , offen should be need to wipe with dry cloth.

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